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Emergency Triage

We’ll be here to provide the quality care they need.

Just like in an emergency room for humans, pets needing urgent or emergency care are not always treated in the order in which they arrive.

Instead, staff members assess incoming patients and ensure that the patients who need care most urgently are treated as quickly as possible. While it may be frustrating to see patients who arrived after you being treated first, this is done to ensure the best prognosis for every patient. 

At NB Animal Urgent Care, our staff performs emergency triage in New Braunfels to help pets in need throughout the region, including San Marcos, Canyon Lake, McQueeny and Live Oak. When your canine companion or feline friend needs prompt medical attention, we’ll be here to provide the quality care they need. 
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What Is Triage?

In the medical field, “triage” is a term that relates to how patients are prioritized in emergency settings. This ensures that patients facing the most life-threatening conditions are treated before those who are more stable. This method is used in both human and animal hospitals to make sure that all patients get the best care possible. 

When you arrive, one of our technicians will listen to your concerns and assess your pet’s symptoms. They won’t diagnose or treat your pet. Instead, they’ll check for signs of serious emergencies, like respiratory distress or profuse bleeding. They will record your furry friend’s vitals and obtain a brief history. Based on their findings, the technician will then prioritize your pet in relation to the other patients awaiting care and notify the emergency veterinarian. 

If your pet is relatively stable, you may need to wait for a bit while we tend to patients facing more life-threatening conditions. We thank you for your patience and assure you that we will get to your pet as quickly as possible. A technician will also check in with you while you wait to make sure your dog or cat hasn’t gotten worse or developed more concerning symptoms.

Emergency Triage
in New Braunfels

We are here for you and will provide the care your companion needs as quickly as possible. Thanks to our emergency triage services in New Braunfels, we can provide quality care for patients experiencing various types of emergencies. We encourage you to give us a call before arriving with your pet so we can begin the triage process over the phone and prepare for your pet’s arrival. Please call now for the help your beloved pet needs.

We’re Here When You Need Help!

NB Animal Urgent Care provides emergency triage for pets in New Braunfels, San Marcos, Canyon Lake, McQueeny, Live Oak and the surrounding areas.
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(830) 420-6719

Call us immediately if you have an emergency with your pet.


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